Client Spotlights

Saba Photography

Mahvash Saba, Photographer
Mahvash loves capturing the beauty of people. She believes that your unique beauty as a person is much more than just a pose or a smile. The focus of her sessions is to capture your energy and the essence of your personality. “To have someone open up and for a moment, just be themselves in front of my camera is a beautiful experience. There’s nothing like it.”

She specializes in professional headshots, weddings, lifestyle images, branding and fashion/modeling photography.

Healthcare Insurance Education

Katherine Woodfield, Consumer Advocate, Educator, Author
As a 20-year veteran employee of large companies such as GlaxoWellcome, Pharmacia, and Sanofi-Aventis, Katherine was trained to assist in patient reimbursement from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry. Her career has spanned two decades in Healthcare and Insurance. Her goal when evaluating health insurance options for her clients is to “protect her clients against financial disaster, while buffering them from high premiums.” She sees herself as an educator, a guide, or an instructor, teaching her clients the simple methods they may employ to reduce health insurance premiums, protect their families, and eliminate financial risk.

Hatrak Associates

Paul Hatrak, Certified Business Coach/Trainer
Paul helps business owners identify gaps in their performance and help build business action plans to close those gaps so they can take their company to the next level. He takes pride in being a highly trained professional business consultant and mentor. Work with him to get coached on how to work smarter, not harder.

Wellness Programs

Alissa Okrent, Holistic Wellness Practioner, Life Coach
As a board Certified Wellness Coach since 2000 and a fitness professional for 25 years, Alissa inspires and mentors individuals in creating a healthy lifestyles that authentically integrates mind, body and spirit. As a Soul Language Purpose Practitioner, she integrates this incredible tool to help individuals really understand themselves on a deep level. Alissa will help you lift your spirit and rejuvenate your mind and body, while calming any internal jitters.

Cathy Maloney - Arbonne

Cathy Maloney, Arbonne Regional Vice President
Cathy educates people about using safer ingredients in skin care, health and wellness products. She also shows people how Arbonne can provide an income opportunity for those who want more financial and time freedom.

Email Marketing

How many times do you check your email each day? Whatever you use, sending an email newsletter allows you to reach your clients and prospects where they live…in their inbox.

Social Media - LinkedIn and Facebook

If you are not using social media in your business, you are missing a huge opportunity to find and get more business. We offer one-on-one and group training sessions.

Relationship Marketing using Direct Mail

We help clients build relationships and stand out from the competition by using greeting cards. You can use our online system to easily stay in touch with clients.

Other Services

Our team has a wealth of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses. We offer Strategic Planning, Website Development, SEO, Branding and other marketing services.